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Read more about Alain Indria, the man behind SkinnyLove, and his personal experience. Alain’s mother was the proprietor of one of the first diet shops in Europe, Lombardia in Antwerp.

Read his unfiltered story about the creation of SkinnyLove here.

Diet shop SINCE 1972

“Lombardia was the first diet shop in the Benelux and was established by my mother in 1972. I literally grew up in the Lombardia diet shop in the midst of organic food and dietetic supplements.

Over the years Lombardia has grown from a diet shop to an organic store and restaurant. As a result, I have a lot of know-how about ‘what is possible’ and ‘not possible’ in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and can easily distinguish between choices that make sense or non at all regarding dieting and weight loss.

Throughout my life I also saw many diets such as the Atkins diet, combination diets, Montignac, juice diets, gluten-free diets, protein diets…

On the 29th of August 2015, right after our summer holiday, I stood on the scale and the digital screen showed the shocking number of 99.5 kilos. At that moment I realized that I didn’t want to cross the threshold of 100 kg, regardless of circumstance and that I had to do something about it. My dream was simply to eat and live healthily, while maintaining a sensible weight. That evening I went to work in my lab kitchen and created a herbal and fruit mixture for myself. After 1 month I had lost 9.5 kg with this mixture.”


“My regular customers in Lombardia noticed the weight loss and started twisting my arm in order to buy this mixture. It had never been my intention to commercialize and sell a product based on this recipe. But in the meantime the demand had become so great in our organic shop Lombardia that I decided to manufacture this product at scale. 1 year later I had lost 20 kg and SkinnyLove was born.

Meanwhile, there are many fans who have had the same positive SkinnyLove experience as me:

  • Weight loss
  • More vital energy
  • No more craving for sweet
  • A more beautiful skin

In short, I feel good about myself with SkinnyLove.



SkinnyLove is a blend of fruit fibres, prebiotic dietary fibres and herbs that dissolve in water. No protein shakes, no meal replacement, no laxative and no dehydrating agent. Just healthy and 100% natural.

SkinnyLove consists of a morning and an afternoon formula. You dissolve 3 large coffee spoons in 750 ml of water for both the morning and afternoon treatments. As the name suggests, you drink the morning formula from your breakfast until lunch and the afternoon formula from your lunch to bedtime. You still eat meals and you drink your water mixed with SkinnyLove throughout the day.

This will activate your metabolism in a sustainable way, start the fat burning process, purify your body and begin to lose weight.

SkinnyLove users typically feel more vital and healthier, have a more radiant skin and lose weight!