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Lose weight with SkinnyLove? Will it really work?

Hello, I wonder what your product can do for me. Will it really help me lose weight? In June of last year I followed a protein diet; I got married in October and achieved a weight loss of 12 to 13 kg. After the winter, and by not eating as healthy as during and immediately after my diet, I went back to eating too much bread, and even fries and chips. My portions gradually became larger and larger again.

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I then started dieting again; unfortunately, I did not reach the same result as the first time this time around. I remained stuck with 3 kg of fat; 11 kg of body fat earlier and now I’m stuck on 14 kg. And this has attached itself to my belly and hips. I must admit that last year I went to the gym and did a lot of spinning but, due to problems with my joints, I cannot do this anymore. If I do it anyway, I’m in too much pain afterwards. It is strange, but these 3 kg of extra fat, compared to last summer, make me look waaaay heavier than just 3 kg more.”


In the meantime, I have found an alternative for physical activity: Infraligne. Given that I don’t ‘have’ to lose weight, I do this more for gaining strength and for the activity as such, but actually I don’t notice much effect on my figure; I still have lipedema. I did not achieve the stated result after 20 times; I will only notice any change in my body shape after doing it for a year or so…unfortunately! After going on the diet for a second time, something has changed in my attitude towards healthy eating; in the morning, I eat two slices of special fibre-rich bread with a sugar-free spread and drink a cup of lactose-free milk. Before noon, some soy yoghurt with fresh fruit, at noon a salad with fish or meat, in the afternoon a piece of fruit and in the evening something that’s low on carbohydrates. I drink more than 2 l of mineral water daily.

I also suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and I get bloated if I am hungry and eat a much too large portion. The same happens to me when I drink cola zero. My problem is that I often ‘forget’ to eat less or to be careful, because the drive to  satisfy my hunger comes first, but soon after I really feel not so well. What can I accomplish with your product? Will I really lose weight with it?


Someone who offers guarantees regarding how much weight you are going to lose and how quickly you are going to lose weight…is simply lying to you. Every metabolism is different and every body is consequently different.

What I can guarantee are the following 2 things.

  1. That SkinnyLove is 100% healthy. You just have to take a look at the list of ingredients. There is a bunch of wholesome, natural ingredients in SkinnyLove, such as, for example, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, green matcha tea, turmeric, etc. That is why SkinnyLove not only supports you when you want to lose weight, but is also simply a super healthy product. In the meantime, I’ve been drinking it myself EVERY day for about 2 years already. Not only have I lost almost 25 kilos, but I have also never felt so well, so energetic. My bloodwork is better than ever and certainly better than when I weighed just shy of 100 kilos.lose weight ingredients
  2. That SkinnyLove, in combination with my tips & tricks, will certainly help you lose weight. SkinnyLove will put something in motion in you. And rather quickly. But in order to fully enjoy its effect, I also give you tips & tricks. Call it a form of personal coaching, if you want. You can ask me all possible questions about losing weight and I answer all of them, one by one.
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