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The best diet? Scientists agree about it.

In this article we reveal which is the best diet in the world (scientifically proven!). And also how you can use it really easily so as to lose weight. Read until the end and you will not regret it even for a second.

Run a search in Google for “best diet” and you about 17 million results. You might therefore think that nobody knows what the best diet is. Nevertheless, scientists have researched this topic and have reached a clear conclusion.

In this post I explain what the very best diet is and how SkinnyLove helps you if you decide to go for it. Read more.

I, that is Alain Indria, was practically born in the very first diet shop in Belgium, founded by my mother in Antwerp in 1972. What strikes me is that those 17.000.000 results you find in Google rarely agree with each other.

best diet Google results


Some tell you that you should follow a ‘low-fat’ diet. Others prescribe eating as few carbs possible. With a number of them, you will get the impression that sugar or gluten are a kind of demons who, while you sleep at night, secretly take in your clothes so that they don’t fit you well any longer. Counting calories is one more of such maddening advice. You have certainly also received it already. The most spectacular, if I may call it this, are diets that assume you can choose not to eat anything the whole day long. And just have a light meal in the evening. And, despite this, not go to bed with a rumbling stomach. Read further and you will also understand why I find these approaches to be ludicrous. 

best diet hunger

Look, I don’t want to get smart with you. Each one of these diets will well have its strong and its weak points. But the truth is actually simple.

The best diet is one you can stick to. Not for a week or a month, but for the rest of your life.


The University of Toronto examined 59 different scientific studies with regard to weight loss in 2014. They reached the clear conclusion that the best diet is one that people can sustain in the long term.

Even more, an earlier study of the JAMA (Journal of the American Medican Association) indicates that people who went on the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, or Zone diets for a full year all lost about the same amount of weight. Only little weight, by the way, because they did not strictly adhere to their strict diet.

Just between you and me, I have also tried out all of these diets myself already. And I too could not stick to them. I am saying this to you in all candor.

The part of the group studied that indeed abided by its diet lost significantly more weight. No matter what their diet was. The scientists conclude again that it is not so much the choice of your diet that determines whether you will lose weight, but whether you stick with it or not. How do you choose such a diet? I will soon explain. So read on.


If we put all talk aside, the truth is very simple. If you burn more calories daily than what you eat, you lose weight. If you, however, take in more calories through your food and drink than the amount you burn, you become heavier. Everything else is unrealistic. Only a consistent behavior, a regular lifestyle, leads to a healthy weight in the long term.

And then, with many diets, you go through the notorious yo-yo effect. “I admit that earlier on, this was earlier easier said than done for me too. But now, I find it really easy.


best diet yoyo

You know just as well as I do that more than half of the people who have followed a diet, afterwards later on gained more weight than the amount they had lost. This is confirmed in a scientific review of the University of California Los Angeles. How does this occur?

Because people abandon their diet as soon as they have reached their original target.

If a diet prescribes that you must eat in a given way, which you cannot sustain for the rest of your life, this diet is completely useless. Your new diet must become your new normal. That best diet becomes your new lifestyle. The goal, therefore, is not finding the best diet that will ensure weight loss as quickly as possible. Because you’ll most often gain the weight again afterwards. The goal is to discover an acceptable way of living and eating that will lead – and keep – you at the right weight. OK, that’s clear. But does this ideal best diet exist? Read along and discover it.


That is the key question, right? And the answer varies for every person. You don’t eat exactly the same as your partner, your brother, your sister, or your best friend. But a long-term diet must conform to a number of criteria:

1. It is a healthy diet

You might now think “duh!” But this means that the best diet does not simply banish certain food groups or that you will live on meal substitutes for the rest of your life. Your best diet doesn’t only solve your issues with regard to weight, but is also healthy for you. Because losing weight and becoming unhealthy serves no point, right?

2. It is about reasonable adjustments in your eating pattern

Your best diet will not be based on quickly and radically changing your eating habits. If you, for example, start with eating 1 cookie less per day, you take a real step, which is perfectly sustainable, in the right direction.

3. It is easy to stick to

Your best diet is not one that continuously burdens you with commandments and prohibitions. It gives you the tools, the reflexes – even the willpower – to pick the right thing and ignore the wrong one. It makes it easy to leave ‘bad food’ aside and still not experience any hunger nor an irresistible craving for the ‘wrong things’.

In the following paragraph, I reveal to you that this healthy, reasonable and sustainable best diet really exists and that you too can apply it much easier than you always thought.



Whoever knows me knows that I have lost 20 kilos within 1 year (and almost 25 kilos within 18 months). When I started off, my weight was just shy of 100 kilos. I give you my word that I was not hungry for even a single day during these 18 months. Literally not once! Not only that, but a bunch of bad eating habits have melted away like snow does under the sun. My appetite for the ‘wrong things’ has gradually simply disappeared. And, certainly not unimportant, I feel great! More flexible and more energetic than ever before. Furthermore, because I have a fantastic partner and 3 super kids for whom I want to be there for a long time, I have regularly had my blood checked. My doctor simply confirms that what I feel is also noticeable in my blood. I will now explain how I have lost 25 kilos and –above all- how this can help you too.


SkinnyLove has given me the courage and the strength to do this. Read how and why right here.

At the start of this article, you have read that I have lived in the ‘diet world’ almost all of my life. At the same time, I have an unbelievable passion for herbs and my spouse is a bio-engineer. Well, I have simply put all this know-how to work and I made a product for myself. A powder that I mix with 750 ml of water and I drink in half a day.

Half a day, because there is an adjusted morning and afternoon formula. These are really different. After I used it myself for a full year, I dared to offer it for sale. Because I had really initially developed it only for myself. But now that I know with 100% certainty that it works, I’m willing to offer it to others too.

Because it is chock-full of natural ingredients – such as ginger, turmeric, lemon, green matcha tea, etc.- I know that it can also really support your health.


Let me be clear, every body is different so everybody is different. I can only say that more than 80% of the people who have already used SkinnyLove have lost an average of 4 kilos in the first 3 weeks. But what may be even more important is the fact that SkinnyLove increases your sense of satiety.

  1. You are thus less hungry
  2. The dietary fibers have a probiotic effect, which means that they are a good source of nourishment for the body’s own bacteria in the intestinal wall. This encourages intestinal peristaltism and thus also a healthy bowel movement.
  3. Green coffee and green tea ensure a better metabolic burn.
  4. The various herbs and spices, such as – among others – ginger and turmeric, each have their own specific effect and primarily act as a support for the cleansing of your body.

But on top  of all of this, my taste has has also evolved. My taste, but above all else my craving, for the wrong things has disappeared. And that is something I can stick to for the rest of my life.

For me, and for more people every day, SkinnyLove works fantastically. How do you know whether SkinnyLove is the right choice also for you? The answer follows.

best diet no cravings


I know that SkinnyLove works and that I can perfectly stick to it for the rest of my life. Without denying myself anything, simply because I am really not in the mood for ‘the wrong stuff’ anymore. You can only discover whether it’s the best diet for you as well if you try it for at least 3 weeks. The ball is in your court. You are up. If you click here, you order it online and it is at your home the next workday.

The question now is very simple. What are you going to do? Lose time? Or lose weight?

best diet - SkinnyLove 3 weeks cure

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